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NUIA Full Focus - Dual Eye Tracker Edition

  • Everything you get from NUIA Full Focus PLUS an additional eye tracker.

    Super easy to switch from your desktop to mobile work.

    Paid annually the Dual Eye Tracker Edition comes at 24.99 Euro per month.

    Important: This does not support parallel eye tracking on both monitors in dual monitor setups.

    *Paid annually, a license has a contract duration of 12 months at 24,99€ per month and cannot be canceled during this period. One term equals 12 monthly installments of 14,99€ each which are calculated as an annual payment at the beginning of the purchase. (299,88€ net)

    **Paid monthly, a license has an unlimited contract duration at 29,99€ per month and can be canceled anytime. A one-time payment of deposit is needed at the beginning of the purchase (300,00€ net). The deposit is returned upon successful retrieval of the eye tracker after the subscription period ends.

    This offer is net and valid for business customers only